Welcome to the strongest platform truck made of hardwood in the US! A fully glue jointed truck frame that has anywhere from 5 to 7 cross members on the bottom create literally the strongest PLATFORM TRUCK made out there. We put a weight capacity on these of 5000 lbs., but the only thing that is going to stop you from putting 10,000 pounds on these…is the casters themselves becaause in the 30 years of business we have made them, we have never had one break on us….ever.

CUSTOMIZATION–if the sizes of these Platform Trucks aren’t exactly what you want, send us an email with the dimensions you require. The PT-Customization dolly was a 29″ x 8′ PT, yes EIGHT FOOT long, so we can do any length you think of (well…you know what we mean!) If you are looking at more than 10 of these at a time, then email us the color you would like your handles and pockets. Stand out from other vendors by having YOUR color for your equipment being sold. I know personally, there is a real cool feeling when you see your product in someone else’s hands (or even on TV as I have seen them!) Green is our normal every day color, and we know there are some red and blue ones out there, but get creative. We can do almost any color that you have in mind (like fuschia pink)…as long as you are buying 10 at a time!