Developed by the best, copied by the rest. This new dolly designed by Texas Dollies is a revolutionary way to stack “H” dollies. The stack-able “H” dolly has all the same features as the standard “H” dolly above as it comes standard with 3 1/2″ gray non-marking casters. BUT, this new design is beneficial in many ways:

    • Can easily load 3 stacks across in any regular 96-102′ wide straight truck or trailer with ease.
    • Easy to count when out on job sites or in your warehouses.
    • A great part of these dollies allows you to stack as high as you want in the trailer. Normal stacking height is 15, but you go up to 30 saving a ton of space for all the equipment you have to carry to the job.
    • This also saves on space in the warehouses as they can stack up just as high as you want to.
    • Saves your company on claims from employees who hurt themselves while moving the dollies, as older styles will fall over when pushed in transit.
    • It makes this much safer on employees as well as any claims that could result in damages to walls when falling over on the job.